Friday, December 15, 2006

Eben Reilly

When you pass a new novel into the hands of a reader, there's a moment of terror. Like your mouth being an inch away from another mouth it's never kissed. Will it be well received? Will it be welcome? Will it be kissed back?

And so with WOLF.

But amazingly from the middleaged classical pianist (who nabbed the book from his wife, my daughter's high school teacher) to the security guard at my job--
everyone loves WOLF.

I'm amazed.

Readers email me, call me, corner me at work to retell me parts of my own book like they had written it!

I'm very grateful to you all for your warm welcoming

Also, thanks to Jessica Lyon for her kind and cordial article in this week's Queens Courier. (Curious? Check out: click on ARTS: that's me and Ben in the photo.)


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