Thursday, February 02, 2006


BTW thanks to all my student-writers in Castleton where I teach,who not only enthusiastically received the idea for this poetry blog, but offered ideas for future themes. Here's 3 that they suggested: Love (a classic); Betrayal (in all its insidious forms)and Anger at the System.

Now remember, this month's theme is My Favorite Things (which can be anything from dancing in a club w. your friends till dawn or writing poetry alone in your room-- whatever turns you on!). Save poems on the 3 other themes listed for future months,
but, hey, in the meantime you can be composing poems for all of them!

Happy Writing, Eben


At 6:34 PM , Anonymous Random Chic said...

I heard about the Love theme and I wrote a poem on that subject although its not the weekly theme...

I'm sitting on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about you. Why did the world stop for us... When we are together time pauses just for us. Shapes move around us slowly, we are unaware of everything going on around us. Your blue eyes gaing into mine, passionatly. The kiss you give me makes a tingle run down my back. Your strong arms wrapped around me makes me never want to let you go. As you wisper in my ear, secrets only we hold. Moments like this stay in my soul; never leaving. I fall asleep dreaming of you and I together forever. I wake up anxious to be with you the next day.

Hope you enjoy!!!!


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