Tuesday, January 31, 2006


BTW, by the way, this blog spot is not solely intended for the writings of Eben Reilly. It is my wish to open this space for teen writers as well. Each month I will be posting a new theme and inviting teen writers to submit their poetry on that them and inviting other writers to comment. The only 2 stipulations are that poetry relate to the theme and be well written-- that means re-written, for as every writer knows the difference between an amateur and the professional is that the amateur writes it once and says, "I'm done," while the professional keeps revising. (But also knows when to quit and share the work with the world!) Considering its February, muck season in Vermont, and many writers/artists I know are feeling the affects of lack of light, I propose the theme for this month be: My Favorite Things. (What gives you a lift when you're feeling down: time spent with friends: including canines and horses; physical activities: running a couple of miles, swimming, sitting under a tree in summer; books, poetry, guitar, heavy metal... The list is as long as poets are different.) I look jforward to reading your poetry! (I suggest you invent a pen-name for yourself-- be creative!)


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