Wednesday, December 13, 2006

from Adam Pierce

I'm not a geek, I'm not a jock, I'm not a goth.
I'm just a guy.
I don't even like to write much.
But Luce says this would be good for me.
I've tried Ridalin, Seraquil and Lexapro and they were all
supposed to make me feel better, but they didn't. So now I'll
try Luce.
And, no, Luce isn't my girlfriend. She's Angie's girlfriend
or at least she was until Angie moved out. She's still pretty
broken-hearted about it.
That's why she was on the train that day to Vermont.
This is how I remember it.
The water must have been moving, but from where I was
sitting by the window on the Ethan Allen Express, the
Hudson River looked motionless; flat and gray with a thick
mist on its surface, the same haze that had settled in the
micrometers between my brain and skull.
In other words I felt like crap...

Meet Adam Pierce on his way to a summer in Vermont-- and a YA novel that tells the truth about being young, over-medicated and slowly aware that all you'd been told about your dead dad was a cover-up, and all that you thought you knew about yourself a lie. A story of ghosts encountered and spirits set free.

Dear friends--

Braiswick, my too good for words independent (very independent) publisher
in Felixstowe England, has just released my second YA title, again written
through close consultation with my teenage source, Ben Ressler.
Please take a moment to check out WOLF on the braiswick homepage and let me
know what you think!


At 9:38 AM , Blogger Sheela Wolford said...

"Wolf" reads like buhttter! Eben Reilly's mark of genius is evident. God bless Braiswick for cutting through the publishing red tape. Right up there with the best, watch for more and more of Eben Reilly, who incidentally has convinced me to write a novel rather than hoardes of essays and viola! Reilly was right. It's the fun all over again of growing a baby in the womb. Can't wait to see it take the first breath, umbilical cord cut and all. Read "Wolf"! Check me out (ruthless I am) at

At 4:37 PM , Anonymous Lexi said...

I have visited you web page and was intregued about your book and its tribute to Dime. After reading a few chapters I am really enjoying the story line, intensity, and characters. Also I love the music refrences that vary from classic rock such as ac/dc into thrash metal such as pantera.
One of my favorite quotes from this book is when Dimebag is being described by shane as the man god would be enlisting to play the soudtrack of the world's end. I think you did a wonderfull job capturing not only the music but the person who is Dimebag Darrel.


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