Monday, December 18, 2006

Chat with Audrey

Recently a good friend suggested I check out Audrey's chatroom at

Never having been to a chatroom, I was reluctant. I remember a story told to me by an aging ex-showgirl, circa 1940, about her friend, a nun in full regalia who after many years left the order. The aging ex-showgirl took the nun out with friends for "cocktails". The nun in street clothes, tried hard to fit in, but when a man in their company said, "Doesn't she ever talk?" She burst into tears.

Granted a chatroom provides more anonymity than a bar,
but I really didn't know what to say in a chatroom.

So, I wrote to Audrey, and she wrote back.

And an interesting chat of its own emerged.

(Maybe chatrooms are fun. Try Audrey's first!)


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