Thursday, December 13, 2007


...My latest YA written in collaboration with Mel Glenn-- YA poet/novelist who has published
14 titles, most recently SPLIT IMAGE, 2005. (

(As for Flatlanders' Vermont, Chris and I have decided to compile a Flatlander Questionnaire,
print and distribute 500 copies in Feb. 2008. If you're interested in participating in this literary project, send your email address to to get your copy!)

Eben Reilly
With poems by
Mel Glenn

Zombie Girl: a poetic YA novel set in a locked down facility for teenage girls is haunted by the ghost they call Charlie. Though his identity eludes them, the girls feel Charlie’s presence each time the spectral letters C H A appear, an unseen finger scratching them into the frost on a bedroom window, in the flour on the kitchen counter or in the scouring powder sprinkled in the tub. Always while one of the girl watches: clearly Charlie wants to be known.

But not until an unwitting night guard shows up, the handsome college dropout Dana Drum, who begins a poetry exchange with resident Shannon Larkin, compulsive writer, liar and cutter, does Charlie find a poetic channel into all their lives.

A story of friends coming together in life and from beyond the grave, Zombie Girl, offers mystery and romance through poetry and other out of body experiences.