Sunday, August 19, 2007

On the Verge of Seeking an Agent...

To blog or not to blog. That's been my ongoing question about this web page. Unlike most bloggers I feel no need to grab the mike to address the crowd. And although I sometimes glance down at the modest number of hits this page has had, and pretend that someone out there is listening, I am well aware that I'm singing in the shower.

But singing in the shower is the only place I dare to sing.

Except for once when Ben was little, barely three, sitting at the kitchen table across from me while I peeled carrots, closed my eyes and broke into a doleful Irish ballad. Having little kids gives one plenty of freedom to do things like sing out of the shower. Anyway, when I opened my eyes and returned to my peeling, Ben looked at me and said, "That was beautiful."

A moment never to be forgotten as I will never again in my life hear such a heartfelt ( and wrong) critique of my voice.

Right now I've decided to take a risk and sing out of the shower and send off two manuscripts
one YA Novel: End of an Irish War and one Middle Grade Reader : First Kiss at Mantis Cafe to prospective agents. I suppose that why I am reiminiscing about unconditional approval: bracing myself for the avalanche of rejections.

However, as I learned with WOLF, all it takes is one admirer. It's been a while since I put any work out into the field: wish me luck.