Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Dear Lotte,

In life as in publishing there is no luck-- only numbers. And for me it's 2%. If I send out 100 queries, I usually get 2 responses. Looking for an agent, I sent out 50, and got one fish on the hook: Sara of Harvey Klinger.

Two manuscripts later it's: I'm enthusiastic, but not that enthusiastic.

Guess I'd better send off the next 50 queries.

Or give up looking for an agent, and concentrate on setting up the non-profit. Here's my last 2 emails w. Trevor Lockwood of Braiswick Publishing. He's always given me good advice. The question now is to go non-profit or not to go non-profit-- and if the couple of writer/artists I've contacted would care to go with me??

To do it or not do it... that's the question.I've spent the month thinking, talking, planning, but now I have to decide whether or not to submit the application for The big concern: will I turn into an art beauracrat?Tell me what you think. (You would have a paid position, so read on.)

Briefly: collaborative writing/art projects in the community.

Reason for Being: rebuilding the city the only way that matters... from the inside out!

Mode of Operating: Each year the Executive Director (me) and 3 collaborative writers choose a target group (teens, seniors, hospital/hospice residents, prisoners, shelter residents, etc) and create a writing project with that group (fiction, autobiography, drama, poetry, documentary, etc.) Having completed the writing project, the group will perform their work (reading, writing workshop, performance) in the community.

At the end of the year, all collaborative writing projects will be published in the Journal.

Staff: Executive Director: grant writing, coordination of all projects, filing end of year reports, general dirty work plus two community based-collaborative writing projects

Publisher/Graphic Designer: brochures, postcards, web-design and final publication

3 Collaborative Writers: design and present collaborative writing project in the community production of collaborative writing in the community (So far Brian, another instructor here that I mentioned might want to do theater workshops and a dramatic production. A student, Carol Buckley, would do memoir writing with seniors. I would assist Ben in doing a documentary: Notes on the Lower East Side, and continue working with my composer, Jeff, on the children's musical.)

This is my question to you as a seasoned professional with tons more experience than I have, will this ruin my writing life? I need the extra income, and I feel confident in the people who have voiced a desire to be involved. I have enough experience with grant writing, connections in the school system, and I think credentials in the arts to get this off the ground... but if I get it off the ground, does that mean I fly away... What would you do? If I do it, what do you think of your position (if you want it)?le me know what's up with you... miss your missives... eileen

... As for 'job' - sounds just lovely - and I'm honored to be considered. I'd work hard to make it all work.

Never say 'No' to a dream. If you try and it fails, or doesn't meet your expectations - you will have learnt something. If it works - well, what's the IF - it will work.

Go for it - and if I can help - in any small way (website perhaps?) in the early days - just ask.

It seems like a potentially exciting project-- and I do so love to collaborate. However,
innercities. org will certainly depend on putting together a team of writers. If by the end of the month, I find enough commitment to warrant the time and effort of applying for funding,
I'll send in the application to NYFA for fiscal sponsorship.

If not, well, great ideas beget great ideas. I'm sure I'll come up with the next collaborative writing project. Will keep you posted!


At 10:14 PM , Blogger Sheela Wolford said...

If you need an extra person to facilitate memoir workshops, I'm your gal!

On the idea of a non-profit: Why not? On the other hand, your writing is sublime. Which brings you more joy?

At 2:14 PM , Blogger Eben Reilly said...

This is all still in the wish list stage and. yes, I wish you would!


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