Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Peter Miller PODcast

I just viewed the most remarkable PODcast-- granted it was my first, but I doubt I will ever see a more remarkable interview.

Peter Miller of PMA Literary and Film Agency defies every cliche in my head about agents. Never having met an actual agent, there are many: agents are aloof, agents are inaccessible, agents are snobs...

Peter Miller has soul.

You must watch it, just to rekindle hope that the business of books is not solely in the hands of moneycrunchers.
They're also in the hands of Peter Miller,

Check it out:
Thanks Eileen & Ben,

Note a recent PodCast with me below as a P.S. which I hope you can view. If the link doesn't work, go to my website and click on Breaking News - Podcast.

Happy Holidays and great success in 2007,

Peter Miller, President


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